I believe...

Your body wants to be healthy and thriving.

It's always guiding you toward health and happiness.

Dieting erodes your mind-body connection and is the reason you feel lost, frustrated, and out of control.

The key to freedom is surrendering your weight and aligning with the truest, most beautiful version of YOU.

But honestly, I didn't always think that way.


Here's my story...

Like so many dancers, I started dancing at the age of 2 full of passion and love for dance. As I grew older, I became more aware of my body and how it didn’t look like the ballerinas I saw in professional companies. I thought my muscular body and tan skin would stick out like a sore thumb, so I started dieting and hiding from the sun.

My perfectionism quickly turned my new healthy habits into a weight-loss obsession. I spent the next 10+ years in the thrall of eating disorders, chronic dieting, and disordered eating...

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Why Intuitive Eating Isn't For Everybody

Degrees, Certifications, and Qualifications:

  • BFA in Dance - University of Arizona
  • Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach - Institute For Integrative Nutrition
  • Certified Eating Disorder Recovery Coach - Eating Disorder Intuitive Therapy
  • Certified Pilates Instructor - STOTT PILATES
  • Ballet Program Director and Advanced Ballet and Pointe Instructor - Island Dance

"Katelyn changed my life"

"I am extremely grateful to Katelyn for all I have learned with her. Katelyn’s kindness, compassion, understanding, and friendship make her an excellent coach. She puts you at the head of your growth and supports you all the way."

"Katelyn put me at ease the very first minute we met.  Her enthusiasm and passion for helping me reach my potential, and her gentle approach to helping me learn WHY I've been relating to food the way I've done, have helped me go beyond nutrition, to intuition. "

"Thanks to Katelyn's guidance and help I'm happier, more energized, and feel like my former self."

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