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What my coaching is all about

I believe when the mind is clear, and the soul is fulfilled, the body will return to its natural balance. Any dysfunctional relationship with food (or anything else) starts on an emotional level. When our actions are triggered by negative subconscious thoughts, perceptions, or beliefs, we are in a constant battle between guilt, shame, and trying to feel better. We see food and our body as the problem, but really, they're symptoms of our unprocessed emotions. That’s why learning how to use our emotions as guidance and harnessing the Inner Guidance System is so effective at releasing people from this painful cycle.

Your body and soul want you to thrive, it's my job to get your mind on board too.


My packages start at $75 per session and go up from there.

I offer half sessions, group coaching, and customizable packages to fit your needs.

All sessions are conducted via Zoom.

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