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Hi! I'm Katelyn.

I’m a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Eating Disorder Recovery Coach. I specialize in helping women find body peace and food freedom so they can thrive in a life they love.

I battled my body for many years with chronic dieting and disordered eating. My healing journey has led me to help others find freedom through self-love, acceptance, and trusting the body’s natural intelligence. I have discovered that the secret to everlasting health lies much deeper than diet and exercise. My coaching revolves around the inner work that ignites life-changing transformations and allows you to become the truest, most beautiful version of you.

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What clients are saying...

"I am extremely grateful to Katelyn for all I have learned with her. Katelyn’s kindness, compassion, understanding, and friendship make her an excellent coach. She puts you at the head of your growth and supports you all the way." Annie, former client
"Katelyn put me at ease the very first minute we met.  Her enthusiasm and passion for helping me reach my potential, and her gentle approach to helping me learn WHY I've been relating to food the way I've done, have helped me go beyond nutrition, to intuition." Kathrine, former client